Hungry Minds Speaker Series

Food for the body. Food for the mind.

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Providing a Denver area venue to hear from stimulating speakers on a variety of topics . . . after a delicious dinner, of course!

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Thursday August 25, 2016
“Equal is UnFair”
Yaron Brook
Executive Director
Ayn Rand Institute

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Hungry Minds offers a special evening out for intellectually active individuals. After a social hour and dinner, you are treated to a talk, Q & A, and more time with fellow attendees and the speaker. You’ll meet other people who are interested in ideas, and many who do meaningful work to influence the culture. In addition to being served a delicious dinner, you’ll get plenty of “food for thought” from the evening’s speaker and your fellow attendees.

Our target audience is anyone genuinely interested in delving deep into ideas and exploring basic principles that strengthen and refine positions on a variety of cultural and political issues.

Hungry Minds offers a more intimate setting than usual, given the caliber of our speakers. We purposely keep these events limited to a number that allows guests greater access to the speaker, whether at social hour, dinner, or after the talk.

Comments from attendees:
• "Thanks again for the fantastic talk last night... I'm going to let people who did not attend know that they really missed out."- BE
• "I had such a lovely time … you were a gracious hostess and all details were orchestrated so well. Most impressive! And, the speaker, what can one say? Just WOW! What a privilege!" – LC

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